NYBORG CASTLE – restoration and renovation


Project NYBORG SLOT – restoration and construction

The unique cultural heritage area around Nyborg Castle will be restored and revitalized. The vision for the future castle and city is that the historical whole will come to new life.

Nyborg Castle and the royal tournament square in front of the City Hall are going to be revitalized through a large reconstruction and building project. The project is intended to make Nyborg Castle and its environs a new coherent cultural heritage site that provides better understanding of the historical fortress structure on the castle island, enhanced cohesion between castle and town, and new facilities for presentation, interpretation and exhibition. In addition to the master plan that is to include the town hall square and the ramparts, existing listed buildings are to be restored and a new exhibition building is to be established within the castle perimeter.

The project is made possible by a grant of 276 million Danish kroner (approximately 40 million €) donated by the A.P. Møller Foundation, Realdania, the Danish Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties (SLKE) and Nyborg Municipality who together with Østfyns Museer are behind the project. An invitation to participate in an international design competition has just been issued. You can read more about the project (also to the international design contest with a description in English) via the link: http://www.danmarksrigeshjerte.dk/verdensarven/projekt-nyborg-slot/.

Janus Møller Jensen


Museumsinspektør, ph.d.

Nyborg Slot / Østfyns

Read more: http://www.arkitektkonkurrencerdk.dk/konkur/NYBORG_CASTLE_Background.pdf

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