Skokloster Baroque 2015

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The Association of Friends of Skokloster Slott in cooperation with Skokloster church invites to a cultural history in five movements. håbopastorat



The production is made possible thanks to financial support from the Municipality of Håbo and the County Council of Uppsala.

May 31 15.00 Skokloster Slottskoklosterslottadelnshistoria

Pulling the strings. Roland Hogman, lutenist, revives the witty 17th-century salons where the lute was the foremost token of cultural refinement.


June 14 16.00 Skokloster church

Il flauto dolce – Kerstin Frödin, recorder and baroque oboe, and Peter Lönnerberg, cembalo. An excursion into the enchanted forest of baroque woodwind music.


August 9 16.00 Skokloster churchskokloster-kyrka-habo-tibble-sverige-1172136

Il Violino – Maria Lindal, baroque violin, and Peter Lönnerberg, cembalo The violin takes the lead in the new kingdom of instrumental music, and makes Italian the official tounge.


August 30 16.00 Skokloster Slott

Spectaculi! Skokloster Slott is a monument to general Carl Gustaf Wrangel, a martial potentate – and a patron of the arts. Ensemble Mare Balticum makes the castle resound of Baroque festive splendour. The Ambassadors in Stockholm from all member countries of the Association of Castles and Museums around the Baltic Sea have received an invitation for lunch and photo exhibition of Baltic Sea castles at the Tavern of Skokloster just before the Spectaculi.


September 6 16.00 Skokloster church

Flowers of Mount Helicon at the shores of lake Mälaren. Singer and researcher Martin Bagge and luthier Mikael Paulsson explore the Baroque roots of the Swedish visa. Meet Lasse Lucidor, the legendary hippie of 17th-century Stockholm.

Concept and presentation: Anders Hammarlund

Production: The Association of Friends of Skokloster Slott




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