About us

The idea to create a cooperation between Castles and Museums around the Baltic Sea originated at Malbork, a small town in northern Poland in 1990 as a result of the new political situation in Europe. The initiative came from a Frenchman living in Poland and running a big company which had it´s base at Malbork. He got into contact with the director at Malbork Castle and together they invited a large number of museum directors from all the different countries around the Baltic Sea for a first discussion.

The Association of Castles and Museums around the Baltic Sea was founded at Malbork Castle in July 1991 and regulations were adopted, incorporating nine countries around the Baltic Sea. In each country there are different member Castles/Museums, all welcome to send delegates to a General Assembly. The General Assembly which is normally held in Malbork elects one delegate from each country to form a board and the General Assembly also elects a President and a Treasurer for the Association. The director at Malbork Castle is the permanent Vice President. The board meets at least twice a year and with different hosting castle.

The Association is a non-political and non-profitable organization. The aim of the Association is to promote cooperation and to increase the understanding of the cultural heritage between castles and museums around the Baltic Sea. The aim is to establish a network for teaching and learning amongst colleagues from similar castles and museum collections.The six pillars of the Association are research, education, restoration, management, marketing and tourism.

  Since 2017, the Association has been a Member Organization of Europa Nostra.

Ina Line, Latvia

Chairman of the Board


Christer Nilsson, Sweden

Secretary for the Association


Janusz Trupinda, Poland

Vice Chairman of the Board


Grzegorz Stasiełowicz, Poland

Deputy Board Member


Agrita Ozola, Latvia

Deputy Board Member


Jouni Marjamäki, Finland

Treasurer, Board Member


Paula Kouki , Finland

Deputy Board Member


Viljar Vissel, Estonia

Board Member


Tönu Sepp, Estonia

Deputy Board Member


Giedre Mileryte-Japertiene, Lithuania

Board Member


Zivile Barkauskaite, Lithuania

Deputy Board Member


Jessica Söderquist, Sweden

Board Member


Meg Nömgård, Sweden

Deputy Board Member