Dear Members of the Association

Rundāle Palace Museum within the framework of the General Assembly of the Association of Castles and Museums Around the Baltic Sea invites you to participate the conference “Management and maintenance of historic gardens and grounds”.

This year, the Association's General Assembly will be held in Latvia from 13 to 15 September. The Board meeting and members' meeting are planned for 13.09 at the Bauska Castle Museum, the conference – 14.09 at the Rundāle Palace Museum, and a field trip to Vidzeme castles and manor houses – 15.09.




With the theme of the conference, we want to stimulate a broader debate on the cultural landscape. The environment in which a cultural monument is located allows us to get to know the heritage of the past and to feel the atmosphere of each place. How can the authenticity of the environment be preserved to convey the unique experience to visitors, and is this even possible?

The planned audience of the conference is owners and managers of castles / palaces, fortresses and manor complexes, as well as other stakeholders in the field. Here are some thematic building blocks for your inspiration.


  1. History

A historic garden or site is not frozen in time, it was created with a specific purpose, but has changed over time. What was the original intention of the garden, what purpose did the area around castles / palaces, manors and fortresses serve, how has the environment changed and what evidence of history can we still see today? Is it possible to define the links and cross-cultural influences that unite the historic gardens and castle areas of the Baltic Sea Region?

  1. Management and maintenance

How can we interpret historic gardens and sites today, what sustainable methods can be used to manage gardens and sites, and how can we adapt to climate change?

  1. Society and tourism

Is the area around the castle / palace, manor or fortress used as a tourist attraction? How do developments in the area affect the architectural object at its "centre"? How can the public be involved in promoting the historic gardens?

We would like to highlight examples of good practice in the management and maintenance of historic gardens and sites in the Baltic Sea countries, as well as to invite participants to share issues that are often related. The exchange of ideas can provide the impetus to find successful solutions.

Please find the programme of the event and practical information below.

Invitation programme 2023