Riihisaari – Savonlinna Museum

In the 1930’s, the old granary of Riihisaari became the central store of the Savonlinna military district. The defence forces also had a laundry, a clothes and shoe repair shop as well as regulars’ apartments on the islands.

In 1963, Riihisaari came under ownership of Savonlinna Council. In 1965, the building and surroundings were the first in Finland to be conserved by virtue of a law regarding buildings with cultural historical value. It housed a summer restaurant and art exhibitions. Savonlinna Provincial Museum relocated to the building in the summer of 1984. After an extensive renovation in 2019–2021, the renewed Riihisaari opened in June 2021.


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The history of Riihisaari is closely connected with the past of Olavinlinna castle. Even the old name Kavassisaari derived from the utilization of the island as the castle’s port for war boats  in the 16th century.  There were also four cottages, a granary and a sauna on the island. A connecting bridge was built in 1582. In 1617, the kingdom’s border was redrawn further to the east, making the castle’s large fleet and naval port obsolete, and the granaries gave rise to the island’s new name, Riihisaari.

During the early 19th century, military barracks, a smithy, warehouses and vegetable gardens could be found on the island.


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